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Please note: If your service address in Central London we will charge a Service charge from £25 (depend on location).


Here is what we will do...

  • Before your installation we get your home ready, putting up scaffolding to give us access to the roof and making sure we have access to your property.
  • Mount the cells on a roof or shade structure, such as a covered patio, where they will receive the most sunlight.
  • Lay out the arrangement of the cells using chalk and a tape measure, being sure to position them evenly and along a straight line.
  • Attach the solar panel mounts to the roof with steel lag bolts, using a drill. The mounts support the weight of the cells, which will be attached directly to them.
  • Fit the solar panels into the roof mounts and secure with steel bolts.
  • Connect each cell wire to its respective circuit on the combiner box.
  • Connect the positive and negative combiner cables to the AC/DC inverter
  • When we finish we clear up ensuring we leave your home clean and tidy with your new solar PV system generating electricity for your home.
  • After we have installed your solar PV panels we will arrange for your EPC to be sent to you.
  • We will also help with signing up to the Feed-in Tariff
  • It does not include congestion charge, parking, any parts and materials.

Service includes the following:

  • Installation of 4-16 Solar Panel
  • 4-16 x Solar 250W monocrystalline solar panel module – Black
  • 1 x Premium Swiss Solarmax inverter 
  • 1 x Landis & Gyr single phase total generation meter , 100A with pulse output
  • 4-16 x IMO AC isolator 20A 3 Pole
  • 4-16 x IMO DC Isolator 16A 2 Pole 800V
  • 4-16 x MC4 compatible male connectors
  • 4-16 x MC4 compatible female connectors
  • 1 x PV warning labels kit
  • 1 x 100m drum 4mm cable
  • Schletter Rail and clamps that are needed for the installation.
  • Canadian Solar 250W Solar Panels
  • SolarMax string Invertor*
  • 3 Pole AC isolator switch
  • DC Enclosed Disconnect Switch
  • 0mm Black Solar PV Cable. TUV Approved
  • Brackets mounts and fixings
    *Invertor size may vary depending on what system is used

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Your solar panel installed and ready to use.