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Please note: If your service address in Central London we will charge a Service charge from £25 (depend on location).

Here is what we will do...

  • Drain the water out of the system.
  • Llifting the radiator off the wall; Remove the old brackets.
  • Decide on the position for the replacement radiator. Centralising the new radiator between the old valves before running new pipework to suit. Fit the new brackets.
  • Wrap PTFE tape around the threaded parts of the radiator valves. Fit the valves.
  • Hang the radiator on the brackets.
  • Measure up and run the new pipework to the radiator valves from the old radiator feeds.
  • To connect the radiator, slide a nut and olive over each pipe, feed the copper pipes into the bottom of the valves and tighten the nut.
  • Refill the system with water and check for leaks at the soldered joints and at the valves.
  • Switch the boiler back on and turn on the central heating system. As the system heats up, check again for leaks.
  • The last job is to bleed the air of the new radiator and comlet system.
  • It does not include congestion charge, parking, any parts and materials.

Your radiator, central heating installed and ready to use.

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