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Please note: If your service address in Central London we will charge a Service charge from £25 (depend on location).

Here is what we will do...

  • Connect heating system, water inlet and overflow hoses to CLEARFLOW pump
  • Open all radiator and lock-shield valves, and set zone valves to manual position for full flow throughout system
  • Set CLEARFLOW pump into circulation mode, with full flow through wide open system, reversing flow regularly. Allow to run until dump water is clear
  • Pour cleaning agent into CLEARFLOW tank and if possible, switch on boiler to heat water to 50°C
  • Commence dump procedure with all radiators wide open then shut off all radiator valves except for one radiator then move to second… Allow to run until dump water is clear
  • Work around system in reverse, dumping through each individual radiator in turn until water runs clear
  • Restore circulation through CLEARFLOW pump and complete heating system
  • Test that dump water is neutral, with pH paper, and add inhibitor
  • Restoring system to normal operation, and bleeding radiators
  • It does not include any water lake or pipe lake repairing and any remedial work
  • It does not include congestion charge, parking and any materials.
Your heating system power flushed and ready to use.



local gas limited



 local gas limited


SPECIAL OFFER: Power flush guarantee is extended to 5 years

The fitting of a magna clean for £170 our one year guarantee is extended to 5 years