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We will give you the fix gas safety inspection price & real time availability to book online based on your address. ALL INCLUSIVE ( Vat, Labour, Call out )

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What you’ll get with Local Gas - Gas Safety Certificate

 An inspection of your gas meter, pipework and any appliances you have selected.

 A Gas Safety Check and Certificate showing the outcome of the inspection.

 Rented property: The only documentation required by law is a Landlord Gas Safety Record.

 Not rented property: The only documentation required is a Gas Safety Record.

 It will detail exactly what checks the engineer has carried out and

       if the appliances checked meet the appropriate safety standards.

 Digitally Accessible Gas Safety Certificate (CP12).

 Automatic e-mail & text reminder when it’s due for renewal.

 We can arrange the inspection directly with your tenant or letting agent.


 ALL INCLUSIVE (VAT, Labour), FIXED PRICE the Listed Price is What You'll Pay.

 Advance booking up to two weeks ahead.

 Accept Payments: Cash, All Credit and Debit cards, PayPal, Bank Transfer.

 24/7 Online Booking with Instant Confirmation.


 Same Day Service. Your service will be completed within 5 hours !

 Not inclusive Congestion Zone and Parking Fees

 No Commercial Services

 No LPG GAS services (LPG Gas Bottle, LPG Tank and LPG Cylinder) Please call us.



Here is what we will do ...

  • Visual inspection of the installation, appliance position, terminal position and signs of incomplete combustion, Pre-test Consideration

  • Tightness test carried out and recording any loss-increase in pressure over a fixed period of time

  • Visual ventilation check - Inspect ventilation for correct location. Check for satisfactory provision of all necessary ventilation

  • Visually check the condition of the case seals, check for any water leaks, corrosion etc…Flues visual inspection, Flue Flow Testing and Spillage Testing for correct combustion and operation of flue

  • Check standing, working and burner pressure, check gas rate-heat input and compare with manufacturers data

  • Test all safety devices for correct and safe operation

  • Investigate any evidence of unsafe operation and report to a responsible person.

  • Once the installation has passed the inspection you will be issued with two copies of your gas safety certificate

  • It does not include Congestion charge, parking, any parts and materials.

Your gas appliance safety checked and ready to use.




In 1996 the government passed law that all landlords who rent part or all of a property must have all gas pipework and appliances checked every twelve months and certified to make sure the installation meets gas safety regulations. It is law that anyone carrying out gas work that is within the scope of the appropriate Regulations is on the Gas Safe Register.

Are you a Landlord? Do you rent a property?

Did you know it is the landlords responsibility to arrange for annual gas safety checks by a gas safe registered engineer? The landlord must provide the tenant with a copy of the gas safety certificate within 28 days of it being carried out and a copy must be given to all new tenants. The gas safety inspection ensures all gas appliances are in a safe condition.


STAY LEGAL from January 1st 2011 !

From 01.01.2011 inspection hatches will become a requirement in properties where the flue is conceled within voids. Landlord will have 2 years to fit these inspection hatches and in the interim period carbon monixide alarms must be installed. (see TB 008 Edition 2) From 1 January 2013, any Gas Safe registered  engineer will turn the boiler off and formally advise you not to use it  until inspection hatches have been fitted in appropriate places!!!

LOCAL GAS is a Gas Safe registered 523824 and licenced company to carry out annual gas safety inspections and issue landlords gas safety certificates also known as CP12s , on all domestic gas installations . We use the latest test equipment , combustion gas analysers , electronic gas leak detectors and carbon monoxide detectors.



Monoxide test of all gas appliances using state of the art testing equipment is now carried out. Co measurement give landlords and tenants alike the piece of mind that carbon monoxide levels are zero in the property. Infrared combustion flue gas analyser with direct measurement of CO2 it is using infrared technology. A gas analyser, carbon monoxide monitor, carbon dioxide monitor, differential thermometer and precision pressure meter all in one instrument.



Before we arrive, please ensure the following:
Checklist before we arrive
That there is a live gas and electric supply required for a safety inspection. Please note: even if you have gas central heating, it does not mean there is a live gas supply.
Check your gas and electric meter balance and if request top up before we arrive.
No LPG connection service by Local Gas (Liquid Petroleum Gas in red or blue cylinders outside your house, or a bulb tank that is filled by your gas supplier)
No Commercial Service
We have easy access to the property you want to inspect.
Our engineer will have enought space and access for all appliances & meters.
We call or send text to you 30 min. before we arrive! 
Please be sure you arrive at your property before our engineer.
We will charge £1/min. if our engineer has to wait for you to start any service.
Engineer is waiting 10 min. then if noone show up we will cancel the service.
Please lock your dog up in the room. Don’t allow your dog to roam free in your property until we finish your service.
How do I check my engineer is Gas Safe registered?

Always ask for the card. All Gas Safe registered engineers have an ID card with their licence number and a photograph. The licence number is easily verified on the website.
FREE Cancellation
You change your mind or need to reallocate your request no problem. You can cancel your booking any time but a min. 2 hours before our engineer arrives for FREE of charge.
Cancellation methods:
Cancellation Fee
We charge £50 cancellation fee.
Payment must be made within 5 working days.
Bank: Barclays bank, Local Gas Limited, Account number : 33214540  Sort code : 20-96-89
Cancellation Fee Apply:
You cancel your booked service:
  • Cancellation less then 2 hours before our engineer arrives.
  • You change your mind on site and our service is not requested anymore.
  • You do not accept our price for additional service and parts quoted on site.
We have to cancel your booked service:
  • No suitable, correct gas and/or electric supply outlet and connection.
  • Gas appliance is not fitted with FSD.(usually old or second hand cookers)
  • No live gas and/or electric supply to start any service.
  • Missing and/or not correct appliance parts.
  • No access and/or no key to the property.
  • Customer is not present, does not show up.
  • Commercial service requested.
  • LPG service requested.
  • Any unsafe situation in your property or appliance.
  • Your property is not in suitable condition for the gas service.
Any services in the congestion zone and refused to pay the central zone service charge.
Any services in the parking zone and refused to pay the parking fee.
If any of the following requests do not fulfill, we are unable to complete your service and we will charge £50 CANCELLATION FEE !
  • Service of gas appliances can only be in domestic properties.
  • There must be a natural gas supply (No services for LPG or Commercial)
  • Suitable, correct, live gas and/or electric supply.
  • No any unsafe situation in your property. 
  • Your property is in suitable condition for the gas service.
  • Easy access and/or key to the property.
  • Customer is present and arrive before our engineer.
We will need to disconnect your gas supply, however Local Gas will not be responsible for any appliance that fails to restart, including central heating and gas boilers.