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What you’ll get with Local Gas - Hob Installation

 Professional installation of your hob you have selected by our registered engineers.

 We’ll disconnect your old hob for free. (type of hob, connection day, time and location same only)

 Hob Connection Service Covered with Lifetime Workmanship Warranty by Local Gas.

 We’ll provide you with a hob installation a Declaration of Safety for insurance proposes.

 For your hob installation we also supply all materials if required.

 Unpacking included with your Hob Installation.hob

 NEW Optional service: Dispose of your Existing Hob at the time of Installation.


 ALL INCLUSIVE (VAT, Labour, Materials), FIXED PRICE the Listed Price is What You'll Pay.

 Advance booking up to two weeks ahead.

 Accept Payments: Cash, All Credit and Debit cards, PayPal, Bank Transfer.

 24/7 Online Booking with Instant Confirmation.

 Same Day Service. Your service will be completed within 5 hours !


 Not inclusive Congestion Zone and Parking Fees

 No Commercial Services

 No LPG GAS services (LPG Gas Bottle, LPG Tank and LPG Cylinder) Please call us.



SPECIAL OFFER: Disconnect the existing hob for FREE

Free disconnection service if we will install the same type of hob and the same time & property



Here‘s what we‘ll do... 

  • Professional installation by one of our fully qualified engineers

  • Evaluate your kitchen and make sure the existing gas/electric connections are safe to use and meet the legal requirements.

  • Safely disconnect the existing hob for free, un-box and check the new product.

  • Perform a full health and safety check, ensuring that safety clearance to surrounding cabinets / worktops are met.

  • Evaluate and connect to the existing gas compression fitting/electric outlet connections, if suitable and meet the correct legal requirements.  

  • Verify that the gas supply is gas tight / the electric circuit tested.

  • Test the hob to make sure it‘s working, operational and ready to use to the manufacturer‘s specification and industry standard.  

  • We´ll also visually inspect any other gas appliances for safety.

  • Verifies that the hob is safe to use and all safety checks have been done.

  • Optional Service: We´ll take away or recycle your old hob.

  • It doesn´t include congestion charge, parking.

Your new built-in hob installed and safe to use !!!



Before we arrive, please ensure the following:


Checklist before we arrive





Gas connection

That there is a live gas supply within 1 metre of the required location within the same room. Please note: even if you have gas central heating, it does not mean there is a gas supply to the Hob.

Connection can only be made to a suitable gas point. This requires a live fixed gas pipe approximately 75cm from the ground (ensure this is securely anchored/strapped to the wall).

Local Gas engineer will supply all materials and part which request to install your hob, cooker and oven. All parts and materials inclusive.

FREE Materials and parts, we supply: isolation valve, back plate, bayonet socket, gas hose, chain, copper pipe, washer, soldering flux, lead free solder wire.

No LPG connection service by Local Gas (Liquid Petroleum Gas in red or blue cylinders outside your house, or a bulb tank that is filled by your gas supplier)


Electrical connection

In most cases this requires connection via a 6mm heat resistant flex to a 32Amp double pole switch. The switch must be easily accessible.

Suitable electrical connection within 1 metre of the new appliance required location and not directly above.


Electric connection service inclusive:

  • Electric cable supply and 32 amp or 45 amp hard wire connection between connection unit & electric cooker, electric oven, electric hob that consume greater than 3KW.

  • Electric cable, plug supply and 13 amp electric connection between 13amp socket or connection unit & electric cooker, electric oven, electric hob that consume using less than 2.99KW.



Check your correct supply outlet for your electric cooker, hob and oven you request to install.

How far should an electrical accessory be located from a gas or electric cooker, hob?

A minimum distance of 100mm (10cm), measured horizontally from an electrical accessory (socket outlet, switch, control unit) to the edge of a free standing cooker or individual hob is considered acceptable for the purposes of avoiding adverse effects from using a cooker or hob. An electrical accessory should not be located immediately above a cooker or hob due to the possibility of people reaching over suffering burns or the fexible cable of connected equipment being damaged.


Electric cooker, oven, hob / Gas cooker ignition and timers

13 amp outlets - Electric cooker, Hob and Oven that consume using less than 2.99KW.



Electric cooker, Electric oven, Electric Hob, Induction Hob

32 amp outlets (B32) - Electric cooker, Hob and Oven that consume greater than 3KW

This is, usually, identifiable by a big red isolation switch and needs to be within 2m of the location of your cooker and not directly above or behind the hob area.

32 amp outlets (B32) - Check your fuse box (consumer unit) - Fuse size: B32 or B45.



Gas Safe regulation also dictate that there must be adequate ventilation in the room where the appliance is to be installed. Door or Window which opens directly to the outside or Permanent opening is required.



That there is no combustible material behind the hob location. For example, the area directly above the gas appliance must not have any power points, switches, boilers or alarm sensors. Additionally, there must not be any flammable material such as wallpaper, wood, fabric wall coverings, curtains or shelving. 

That we have clear access to the area you want your new appliance installed. The appliance will fit into the space with enough space. Check the product specification for the hob you want to buy.

Suitable electrical accessory (socket outlet, switch, control unit) required a minimum distance of 10 cm from the edge of cooker or hob and not directly above.

A minimum distance of 100mm, measured horizontally from an electrical accessory (socket outlet, switch, control unit) to the edge of a free standing cooker or individual hob is considered acceptable for the purposes of avoiding adverse effects from using a cooker or hob. An electrical accessory should not be located immediately above a cooker or hob due to the possibility of people reaching over suffering burns or the fexible cable of connected equipment being damaged. Electrical accessory such as a socket outlet, switch, control unit, consumer unit etc. should be positioned to enable safe operation and to avoid the harmful effects of heat and steam from cooking activities.



We call or send text to you 30 min. before we arrive! 

Please be sure you arrive at your property before our engineer.

We will charge £1/min. if our engineer has to wait for you to start any service.

Engineer is waiting 10 min. then if noone show up we will cancel the service.



Please lock your dog up in the room. Don’t allow your dog to roam free in your property until we finish your service.


How do I check my engineer is Gas Safe registered?

Always ask for the card. All Gas Safe registered engineers have an ID card with their licence number and a photograph. The licence number is easily verified on the website.


FREE Cancellation
You change your mind or need to reallocate your request no problem. You can cancel your booking any time but a min. 2 hours before our engineer arrives for FREE of charge.
Cancellation methods:
Cancellation Fee
We charge £50 cancellation fee.
Payment must be made within 5 working days.
Bank: Barclays bank, Local Gas Limited, Account number : 33214540  Sort code : 20-96-89
Cancellation Fee Apply:
You cancel your booked service:
  • Cancellation less then 2 hours before our engineer arrives.
  • You change your mind on site and our service is not requested anymore.
  • You do not accept our price for additional service and parts quoted on site.
We have to cancel your booked service:
  • No suitable, correct gas and/or electric supply outlet and connection.
  • Gas appliance is not fitted with FSD.(usually old or second hand cookers)
  • No live gas and/or electric supply to start any service.
  • Missing and/or not correct appliance parts.
  • No access and/or no key to the property.
  • Customer is not present, does not show up.
  • Commercial service requested.
  • LPG service requested.
  • Any unsafe situation in your property or appliance.
  • Your property is not in suitable condition for the gas service.
Any services in the congestion zone and refused to pay the central zone service charge.
Any services in the parking zone and refused to pay the parking fee.
If any of the following requests do not fulfill, we are unable to complete your service and we will charge £50 CANCELLATION FEE !
  • Inspection of gas appliances can only be in domestic properties.
  • Due to the regulation any appliance installed must contain a Flame Supervision Device (FSD).
  • There must be a natural gas supply (No services for LPG or Commercial)
  • Suitable, correct, live gas and/or electric supply outlet and connection.
  • No any unsafe situation in your property or appliance. 
  • Your property is in suitable condition for the gas service.
  • Easy access and/or key to the property.
  • Customer is present and arrive before our engineer.
  • The appliance fits where you want it to be installed.
  • If a cooker hood is present, there must be at least 76cm between it and the hob.
  • Electrical accessories (switch, socket) directly above the cooker or hob are blanked off.
  • No carpentry or plumbing work is required.
  • There are no cupboards directly above the appliance, or combustible materials behind the cooking space.
  • The appliance fits where you want it to be installed.
We will need to disconnect your gas supply, however Local Gas will not be responsible for any appliance that fails to restart, including central heating and gas boilers.



Built-In Hob Installation

Built in Hobs

With gas hobs you have fast and variable control. These give you the flexibility to cook with anything from a small milk pan to a huge casserole pot depending on the setting chosen. Gas hobs feature frontal controls and a choice of cast iron pan supports for the professional look with triple ring wok burners providing maximum heat distribution around the entire pan and double ring burners with dual controls. You can match a gas hob to the gas oven and find a hood to complete the set.

Note – All new gas hob must carry a CE Mark.



Local Gas install Gas Hob and Electric Hob of follow Manufacturers

Bertazzoni | Britannia | Candy | Caple | CDA | Creda | De Dietrich | DeLonghi | Diplomat | Elica | Fagor | Falcon | Fournelle | Gorenje | Hoover | John Lewis | Kitchen Solutions | Lacanch | Matrix | Westahl | Matsui | Whirlpool | Mercury | Wolf | Baumatic | Bush | CEDA | Dyson | Fisher & Paykel | Frigidaire | General Electric | HEC | HomeKing | LEC | Liebherr | Maytag | Miele | Norfrost | Royal Sovereign | Servis | Swan