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Boiler installation is a really simple straight foward job for experienced local gas engineers.

Step 1 - INFORMATION and KNOWLEDGE about boilers and heating system

  • Read this page then search your address to get gas boiler installation prices.


  • Choose your package and date.

Step 3 - WE'll CALL YOU (within 1 hour)

  • We discuss any question you have.

  • We’ll ask a few straightforward questions about your home.


  • We need you to send one email to [email protected]

    • one picture from outside to show flue terminal location.

    • one picture from boiler location to show boiler and flue.


  • We’ll send you an e-mail with a selection of packages (min 5 boilers) and let you pick The One by comparing brands and prices.

Step 6 - PAYMENT

  • Pay it all upfront using our secure online payment system or make a bank transfer to local gas.


  • Pay 50% upfront using our secure online payment system or make a bank transfer to local gas.

  • Pay the remaining balance on the installation day before 3pm.


  • Finance your new gas boiler from only £9.99 a month


LocalGas installer will arrive bright and early too, between 7.30 and 9.30am on the morning of your installation day and deliver all material for the job.


That simple

NO NEED SITE VISIT - if you wish we can do site visit for £79 & if we will install your boiler we will give you £100 off !



Here is what we will do...

Once you booked our service then we will do all the rest.

ALL INCLUSIVE (Gas Boiler and Flue, VAT, Labour, Materials, Smart Thermostat, Scale Reducer, Magnetic Filter, Inhibitor and System cleaner).



What you’ll get with a Gas Boiler Installation

 We offer up to 12 years warranty (Labour & Parts Warranty)

 You can choose your boiler brand and warranty between 5-12 years for the FIX PRICE.

Boilers: Worcester, Ideal, Vaillant, Baxi, Vokera, Glow-Worm, Main, Potterton, Heatline, Ariston, Ferroli, Viessmann.

 We offer fast truck boiler installation within 2 days.

 Professional removal of existing gas boiler and old flue.

*(removal of hot water cylinder, pump, valves, old pipes, if a cold water storage tank in the roof space we only disconnect and drain it)

 Installing your new boiler for the same place or any new location.

 New standard horizontal flue installation. You can upgrade to vertical flue installation.

 Alteration an existing heating and a hot water pipework to your new boiler. 

 Install condensate pipe from boiler to waste pipe or install a condensate pump.

 Connection of existing wiring and installation the new smart thermostat.

 FREE Full heating system chemical flush.

 FREE Anti-corrosion system inhibitor added to help protect your system.

 FREE Scale reducer installation (protect boiler hot water system)

 FREE Magnetic filter installation (protect boiler heating system) 

 FREE Smart thermostat installation.

 Working area cleaned and old boiler part removed.

 System tested and commissioned to full working order.

 Boiler and System controls demonstrated to user.

 FREE Gas Safety Landlord Certificate.

 We register and complete all paperwork for you.

  • Boiler benchmark.

  • Gas safety certificate.

  • Boiler manufacturers warranty registration.

  • Controlers manufacturers warranty registration.

  • Notification of the installation to Gas Safe Register.

  • Notification of the installation to Building Control.

Your new gas boiler installed and ready to use !



Comparing prices?

Let's save you some time. We’re so confident we can give you the best fixed price installation that if we can’t beat a like-for-like quote we'll give you a £50.

How do we offer better prices than anyone else?

As the online boiler installer, we get great prices from all our suppliers and we pass these savings on directly to our customers. We only work with the best brands and skilled engineers, so you can always be confident when using LocalGas. Our prices will always be rock bottom but the quality - top notch.

Found cheaper?

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Step 1: Email [email protected] with:

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  •  A picture of your current boiler

  •  Your name and contact phone number

Step 2: Within one working day, one of our engineers will contact you to either book your price beating installation in, or to organise sending you a £50.

That's right - find a better price on any like-for-like installation in the UK from any other installer -  and Local Gas will guarantee to beat it by 5%.

Please contact us for our price matching offer.





Sometimes it is not cost effective to keep on repairing your old boiler, in this situation we will give you a very competitive quote on a new Sedbuk A rated condensing boiler, before your new boiler is installed your old system will be flushed of all debris and sludge, if required replace your old radiator valves for Thermostatic rad valves and a new programmable room stat will be fitted to ensure maximum efficiency. All new boilers fitted by LOCAL GAS are protected by a suitable scale reducer to prolong the life of your boiler. Every completed installation is then notified to building regulations via Gas Safe for your home improvement pack.





Save money with a new central heating system!

Fitting a new high efficiency condensing boiler and improving your heating controls could cut your carbon dioxide emissions and reduce your heating bill!

Boilers account for around 60% of the carbon dioxide emissions in a gas heated home. By replacing an old G rated boiler with a new high efficiency condensing boiler and improving your heating controls, you will significantly cut your homes carbon dioxide emissions and could save as much as £225 a year.

The current lifespan of a boiler is around 10 years and fitting an A rated high efficiency condensing boiler with the correct heating and hot water controls can make a huge difference to your heating bills over time.

If your boiler is over 10 years old you could be wasting up to half the gas you buy!



Installing a new central heating systemSEDBUK ratings range from A to G

By installing a new central heating system with a high efficiency condensing boiler and heating system controls, you could save money on your annual heating bills and reduce your carbon footprint.

We offer excellent value for money with a promise that the price we quote, is the price you pay, no hidden charges or nasty surprises on the cost of your boiler giving you total peace of mind.

Boilers are rated according to their efficiency in converting gas to heat. This is the SEDBUK rating – Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK.

SEDBUK ratings range from A to G, with A-rated boilers being more than 90% efficient! If you have a boiler with efficiency of 80% or less, it may be worth replacing it with a modern condensing boiler which offer efficiencies of up to 97%. This could dramatically reduce your gas bill and carbon footprint!



What is a high efficiency condensing boiler?

A high efficiency condensing boiler works on the principle of recovering as much as possible of the waste heat which is normally wasted from the flue of a conventional (non-condensing) boiler. High efficiency condensing boilers convert 86% or more of their fuel into heat, compared to 65% for old G rated boilers.

If your boiler is over 10 years old you may wish to consider replacing it. Modern boilers can save you up to 32% off your fuel bills. In conjunction with upgrading your heating controls this could save you up to 45%.


Condensing Boilers

Condensing boilers get their name because they enter what is called condensing mode periodically. In other words, they start to extract heat from the exhaust gases that would otherwise escape through the flue, in the process turning water vapour from the gas back into liquid water or condensate.

A condensing boiler captures much more usable heat from its fuel than a non-condensing boiler. Its high operating efficiency is made possible by the design of the condensing boilers larger - or sometimes dual - heat exchanger.

The heat exchanger makes sure that as much heat as possible is transferred from the boilers burner - and as little as possible lost in gases through the flue.


There are two types of condensing boiler: regular and combination. Regular condensing boilers heat your hot water through a hot water cylinder. Combination condensing boilers give you instant hot water without the need for a cylinder.


Combi boiler

A combi boiler provides heating and hot water directly from the boiler.

Combi boilerCombi boilers are economical to run and are able to produce an endless supply of hot water, although the flow may be limited if other taps are running at the same time. The combi boiler delivers hot water at the same speed as your cold taps.

As the combi boiler heats water instantly, direct from the mains, there is no need to wait for a storage cylinder to heat up, and you will not run out of hot water. There is also no need for cold water storage tank so it is perfect if you are limited on space. A pump will circulate the hot water via the pipes and in turn heat the radiators.

A combi (or combination) boiler is an ingenious space-saving idea, and an increasingly popular choice in UK homes. In fact, combis now account for well over half of all the new domestic boilers installed in Britain every year.

A combi boiler is both a high-efficiency water heater and a central heating boiler, combined (hence the name) within one compact unit. Therefore, no separate hot water cylinder is required, offering space saving within the property.

Further benefits of a combi boiler are significant savings on hot water costs and the fact that hot water is delivered through your taps or shower at mains pressure. So you can enjoy powerful showering without the need for a pump.

Another combi boiler benefit is that it can generally save you money on installation time and costs, since no tank in the roof space means less pipe work and a shorter installation time.


Conventional Heating System

The Conventional Heating System Requires two water tanks located high up one a Cold Water Storage Tank the other an Expansion / Feed tank, also requires a Hot Water Cylinder. The storage cylinder holds a large quantity of hot water that is available immediately (or as soon as the feed allows). However when this store has been used up it has to be reheated, this could take anything up to 1 hour. This type of system is considered the least efficient as there are heat losses from the pipe work to and from the boiler to the cylinder and the cylinder itself.


Regular boiler

Regular boiler

Regular boilers heat your central heating system directly and produce hot water for your cylinder.

If you are replacing an older model of boiler, the chances are that you will have a regular (also known as conventional) boiler.

A typical regular boiler system incorporates a boiler, extended controls, a hot water cylinder which is often fed by a cold water storage cistern located in the loft and a feed and expansion cistern - also located in the loft.



System boiler

A system boiler heats your central heating system directly and produces hot water for your cylinder.

Open-vented hot water cylinder

Open-vented hot water cylinder

Vented system boilers require a storage tank but most of the other components are held in the unit itself which means that installation is quicker and cheaper. Also, the hot primary water is pumped through the system to the radiators and hot water cylinder resulting in a faster response and more economical running costs.



Pressurised unvented hot water cylinder

Un-vented system boilers incorporate the equipment necessary to form a sealed system including a pressure relief valve and a pressure gauge, removing the need for a feed and expansion tank.

A system boiler, just like a regular (conventional) boiler works on the principle of stored hot water. However, a system boiler differs from a regular boiler in some important respects.

Firstly, many of the major individual components of the heating and hot water system are built into a system boiler, Pressurised unvented hot water cylinderwhich means that installation is quicker, neater, easier and more efficient.

Secondly, the hot water is pumped from the system boiler through the heating system to the radiators and hot water cylinder, resulting in a fast response and more economical running costs. The system boiler removes the need for a feed and expansion cistern.