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Please note: If your service address in Central London we will charge a Service charge from £25 (depend on location).

Here is what we will do...

  • Locating the most appropriate place for the cylinder. Convenient location
  • Secondary return connection is required to connected and piped to the system or capped off.
  • Connect the cold wazer inlet, hot water outlet and primary flow and return pipework to the cylinder.
  • The expansion vessel attached to the wall-mounting bracket and positioned. connected to the cold water inlet group.
  • Fit the dual thermostat on the sensor/thermostat pocket on the cylinder.Comply G3 regulation.
  • Fit two-port zone valve operated by the thermostat group that will be de-energised when the control temperature is reached or in a faut mothe, if the high limit thermostat is activated.The valve zone will close off any further flow of primary water from boiler, de-energising the hot water demand side of the control system.
  • Installed pipwork for the expansion relief valve, the temperature and pressure-relief valve and the tundish.
  • Electrical wiring completed. Immersion heater installed
  • Commissioning, documentation and demonstrate, hand over to customer
  • It does not include congestion charge, parking, any parts and materials.

Your Cylinder installed and ready to use.

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