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What you’ll get with a Cooker Hood Installation

 Electrically disconnect your old cooker hood by our registered engineers.

 We’ll disconnect your old hood for free. (as an installation day, time and location same only)

 Safely connect your new cooker hood to any existing electrical source.

 Electrically test that your new cooker hood is functioning and working correctly.

 Hood Connection Service Covered with Lifetime Workmanship Warranty by Local Gas.

 We’ll provide you with a Hood Installation a Declaration of Safety for insurance proposes.

 Unpacking included with your Cooker Installation.

 ALL INCLUSIVE (VAT, Labour, Materials, Parts), FIXED PRICE the Listed Price is What You'll Pay.


NEW Opcional service: Dispose of your existing hood at the time of Installation


 Installation of new electrical supply for cooker hood.

 The electrician will not alter or cut wall cabinet units.

 No removing of tiles or re-tiling will be done.

 Any congestion zone and parking fees.


Here is what we will do...

  • Choose a plugged opening that fits for the exhaust vent; Reinstall the duct connector-damper to the hood.

  • Hold the hood in place an level to adjust its position and mark it on the wall.

    *Cut the exterior wall with a long saw (i.e. saber saw)

  • Push the duct cap onto one end of the duct and then insert the duct into the wall, with the cap facing toward you. The duct should reach your cooker hood exhaust opening.  Fasten the duct cap to the exterior wall with screws. Apply silicon caulk all around where the duct cap and the wall meet.

  • Turn off circuit breaker to the kitchen. Attach electric cable to your cooker hood from a nearby junction box.

  • Hold the cooker hood in place while you secure it by driving screws into nearby cabinets or wall studs.

  • Attach a color-coded wire cap on the exposed lead of each spliced wire. Tuck the wires into place before replacing the electrical box cover.

  • Reinstall the fan and filter to the hood. Turn on the power and test your cooker hood.

  • It does not include congestion charge, parking.

Your cooker hood installed and ready to use.




Cooker hood installation tasks

Local Gas engineers are experienced and equipped for every part of the installation of a domestic cooker hood:

  • Disconnect and remove existing cooker hood

  • Running spurs from existing electrical circuits

  • Installation of hard or flexible ducting

  • Fitting gravity or fly mesh grills for external venting units

  • Fixing the unit in position (to comply with Building Regulations; Document L)

  • Safe connection of the new cooker hood

  • Electrical testing and certification


Installation of ventilation ducting

Ducting is only required for external venting cooker hoods. Ducting isn’t needed for carbon filter units as they simply remove particulates before recycling the air into the room.

With an external venting cooker hood, if the hob is installed on an external wall the installation of the ventilation ducting is relatively straightforward. The cooker hood must vent outdoors. The ducting has to be sleeved through the drilled holes and pass through each section of a cavity wall with no joints.

If the cooker hob is installed on an island or against an internal wall the ducting needs to run either through the ceiling or flooring void, or be surface mounted, before venting outdoors.


What's included with Cooker Hood installation- First time ?

  • Preparing new customer-supplied cooker hood for installation

  • Typical installation time of 4 hours

  • Installing customer-supplied outdoor wall cap

  • Ducting kit must be provided by the customer

  • Cutting new duct hole and installing framing

  • Mounting range hood and connecting electrical cables

  • Testing fan and lights.Note: route to external wall must be available for externally vented hood; joist position may prevent this


What's included with Cooker Hood Installation - Replacement ?

  • Preparing new customer-supplied cooker hood for installation

  • Typical installation time of 3 hours

  • Disconnecting old cooker hood

  • Mounting cooker hood and connecting electrical cables

  • Connecting ducting to existing outdoor wall cap

  • Testing fan and lights

  • Haul away of old cooker hood is not included


Why hire a pro to do your cooker hood installation?

Replacing a cooker hood is a fairly complex project. Hiring a pro to install your new range hood can save you time, and frees you from interpreting instructions, and keeping track of stray hardware. A pro will have the right tools and experience to do your new cooker hood installation quickly, correctly, and safely the first time. Additional work such as making good may incur additional charges.


What if something goes wrong?

We stand behind every service with our Happiness Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your installation service, we’ll make it right for free.